Goals of ZombieFit

by on Sep.24, 2009, under Fitness

Here are ZombieFit’s current goals:

1) Start a weekly weekend training session teaching the basics of parkour with a short parkour based functional fitness (metabolic conditioning) workout afterwards;

2)  Sponsor weekly gym sessions that will allow people to practice movements in a non-urban environment, followed by a short ZombieFit conditioning workout afterwards;

3)  Increase our knowledge of parkour so as to demonstrate respect for the community and their students and coaches;

4)  Increase awareness for parkour in society in general, dispelling some of the rumors and myths concerning these activities;

5)  Post a Workout of the Day specifically for parkour based functional fitness; and

6)  Achieve a large enough following and clientele base to open a full-time parkour themed gym in the Chicago/Chicagoland area.