Being a Traceur 24/7

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Misc.

These are only my views and opinions, some shared among other practitioners around the world.

Every traceur (practitioner of Parkour) has their different view point on what parkour is and what it means to them.
This is only normal, and really isn’t a bad thing. We all learn from each other, from skills to philosophies.

In my experience, many of the traceurs I have met, take to Parkour as a hobby more than a lifestyle or a philosophy.
For them, the day to day workout sessions and occasional parkour jam are enough to supplement their training.
When I took to Parkour, this is the way I practiced.  I had yet to realize just how much and how many aspect of life go into training to be a “complete” traceur.

Many may think that the practice of certain skills may be going too far when practiced everyday.
Many traceurs forget just how important some skills are other than strength.  I was fortunate to find certain articles about training that had a great impact on the way I train everyday.

Please visit and read these articles @ Urban Freeflow.