Modern Zombie Media

by on Oct.27, 2009, under Media

Has anyone else noticed the increase of information and ‘buzz’ going around about the zombie apocalypse?
Shhh of course you have – You’re here! But seriously, within the last couple decades, there have been countless numbers of movies, clubs, books, and other various items about zombies.  Now, it’s not that there was never talk about it before, in fact, the first dated movie with a zombie theme was titled White Zombie (1932). Although there were several zombie themed books preceding this movie in the early 1900’s, the Zombie apocalypse is a fairly new theory in the history of the world.

Does anyone feel like the increase of zombie related media and theories is a sign of a nearby uprising?!? Even now, there are several zombie movies in theaters including Zombieland (great movie!) and I just saw a trailer for a new movie titled “The Crazies”.  What about that book about how to survive the zombie apocalypse?  The supposed end of the world is only a few years away. Do you think the zombie apocalypse has any correlation with the Mayan calender?

These are all just questions of course, no need to scare you. Besides, you shouldn’t be scared if you’re doing our ZombieFit WOD’s right? Hehe, well anyways – now that Zombiefit.org has gotten the ball rolling in actually training for the zombie uprising, its up to you to train your hardest and be confident that you WILL survive the apocalypse.  We are only getting started here, but now would be a good time to tell your friends to get in gear so they don’t lose their brains in a couple years!