What is Fitness

by on Oct.08, 2009, under Misc.

What is fitness? Well, to a traceur it is the ability to move through his or her environment as efficiently as possible.  The type of fitness needed for parkour is functional.  You will not find a traceur doing curls in front of a gym mirror.  He’ll be doing wall climbs on some concrete.  The reason for this functional basis in parkour training is simple, parkour is about adapting yourself to the environment you are in.  Yes, some traceurs like nothing more than uploading cool shit to their youtube account, but I think that the essence of parkour is that training for the unknown.  Building the skill set and testicular (or ovarian) fortitude to move over, under or through an obstacle in a time of need.

This is why parkour is such a wonderful discipline, it requires you to master and become proficient in a multitude of skills.  This proficiency can only be achieved through non-specific training.  For instance, you can’t always train on concrete as you might need to vault, wall-climb or precision on wood.  This is also why functional fitness strength training is the perfect supplement to parkour.  It is purposefully non-specific and increases your functional ability.