WOD: 10/15/09

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Fitness, WOD

Warm Up:: run 1/4 mile, bike 1/2 mile, row 250 m.

3 rounds of: 10 parkour squats/air squats; 10 sit ups; 10 push ups, 50 ft quadrupedal movement.


If you have never done a back squat before, you’re an étudiant today. If you have limited experience with the back squat, you’re avancée, and if you have significant experience with the movement, you’re a traceur.

Bar placement: A good article from stronglifts.com breaks down the difference between high bar and low bar placement on squats. For ZombieFit squats, I would prefer that low bar placement is used as this will require increased hip activation. I suggest that everyone at least attempt low bar placement, but only do so with LIGHT WEIGHT, i.e. something you can do comfortably at least 10 times.

Squat Movement:

Take a 45lb bar and practice the squat movement. Perform 50 single repetitions. Concentrate on your form and take a break in between each repetition. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width with the toes pointed slightly outwards. When you squat, bend at the knees not the back. Track your knees over the top of your toes while keeping your chest and head up.


5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 sets of the back squat. Work up to 85% of your max effort lift. If you do not know your max effort squat, ensure that the weight you use is sufficient to enforce good technique, but not difficult to lift.


5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 repetitions. Work towards your max effort lift.

As always, if you are lifting heavy weight USE A SPOT. If you do not have a spot, ensure that you are working in a squat rack that can keep you from dropping the weight on yourself.