ZombieFit Workouts of the Day

by on Oct.07, 2009, under Fitness

Here at ZombieFit we are going to begin posting workouts of the day (WOD’s) on a 3 day workout schedule, with 1 rest day in between cycles (**See updated programming note here**). We will attempt to tailor these workouts specifically to parkour and freerunning.

All of the WODs will be posted in three categories:

“étudiant”. This is the word for “student” in French. This will consist of beginner style workouts. The movements will be basic and require significant effort for those new to parkour.

“avancée”. This is the French word for “advanced”. This level will be for those moderately experienced with the basic movements of parkour, as well as moderate experience in weightlifting and body control exercises.

And “traceur”. This is the French word for practitioners of Parkour and will be the highest level of the WOD. This will be difficult. It is meant to be completed by someone with extensive experience with the movements, and the corresponding strength and body control to successfully complete the movement in a short amount of time.

All of the WODs will consist of a warmup, the WOD, and a cool-down exercise. I would highly suggest that when attempting the WODs for the first time, that you perform several at the étudiant level before you move on.

Time: The majority of WODs will be against the clock. In other words, you will be asked to complete a set amount of reps and sets as fast as you can. I.e. WOD 1 is to perform three rounds of 50ft quadrupedal movements, 10 jumping pull ups and 15 push ups as quickly as possible (this would be an example of an étudiant level WOD). There is minimal/no rest between the sets. If a WOD begins with, “as quickly as possible” or “for time” then you know you are against the clock and should complete the WOD as fast as you can.

Other WODs may require you to “complete as many rounds as possible” in a given time frame. This means that you should attempt to complete the specified movements in the order it is written as many times as possible. You will continue movement until the clock reaches the prescribed time.

The cool down exercise or movements should be completed AFTER you have recovered from the WOD.

REMEMBER any physical fitness regimen can be potentially dangerous. If you are lifting heavy weight, use a spotter. If you are unsure if you can perform an exercise, attempt it first with a spotter. If you have any medical conditions relating to your cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular or cognitive systems, consult a doctor prior to beginning any ZombieFit workouts (or any other workout for that matter).

A lot of the movements taught by ZombieFit will be new to people so take your time and practice the movement a little before you go up against the clock. All movements should demonstrate full range of motion at all time! Full depth on your squats, chest touching the ground on your push ups, etc.