WOD:12/30/09 – The WOD That Almost Made Jefe:D Puke.

by on Dec.29, 2009, under WOD

So I was conditioning and came up with a brutal WOD. You guys can go ahead and tweak it to fit your strength level but I guarantee it will leave you feeling brutalized.

Warm Up: run 1/4 mile or bike 2 miles or row 250m followed by: 3 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 double unders, 10 jumping jacks, 50m QM movement.

WOD 52

4-5 sets of:

10- varied pull ups or if you don’t have a pull up bar do handstand push ups. (pick your poison, but try a couple of reps of each kind of pull up: narrow, wide, behind the back, chin ups, and if you dare …. try out the L sit).

25- one legged squats for each leg (The motion should be about half the range of motion of a pistol).

20- varied push ups (again, change up the repetition scheme, try to do them in sets of 5: regular, wide, diamond, clap, and stretched).

25- lateral QM’s ( make sure to go both to the left and to the right stopping at the end of each movement with control before changing directions). One repetition of this exercise consists of one full left to right and right to left movement. You’re not doing this over distance.

For étudiant and avancée, scale as needed. If you cannot perform complete sets of pull ups, either start with or end with jumping pull ups. Remember to keep those arms at full extension at the bottom of the pull up. Also, if needed, you may perform one-legged squats while supporting yourself (holding on to something to maintain your balance). This WOD is NOT for time, so make sure that when you do these exercises to focus on your control and full extension. This will make you stronger and benefit you in the long run. 😀

Please reply to this post and let me know how this treated you!