WOD: 01/15/10

by on Jan.15, 2010, under WOD

Warm Up: run 1/4 mile OR row 250m OR bike 2 miles.

3 rounds of 10: 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 pull ups (sub jumping pull ups if needed).

WOD 65

15-9-7 repetitions for time* of: 12 inch box jumps**, push ups, sit ups. (This means 15 reps of box jumps, 15 reps of push ups, 15 reps of sit ups, 9 reps of box jumps, 9 reps of push ups, 9 reps of sit ups, etc.)

21-15-9 repetitions for time* of: 24 inch box jumps, push ups, sit ups.

21-15-9 repetitions for time* of: 24 inch box jumps, push ups, elbows to knees (a .wmv file from CrossFit).

If needed sub parkour squats for box jumps.

Cool Down
100m quadrupedal movement

*Remember, that when completing a WOD for time, you must complete the exercises as quickly as possible with minimal/no rest in between repetitions and sets. Attempt to go at a pace that is sustainable. If you do not have any experience with metabolic conditioning type workouts, I strongly suggest you perform several WOD’s at an etudiant level prior to moving on to avancee or traceur.

**When performing box jumps, ensure that you are landing with both feet firmly planted. Stand up to your full height and activate (push forward) your hips. Don’t forget to pick up your knees when performing the jumps!

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