02/26/10: Rest Day

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Rest day

Today should be your rest day in our WOD schedule, so sit back and relax!
For those of you in the Chicagoland area, keep your heads up 😀 the weather will be nice soon!

Make sure you still stretch today –  You should be stretching everyday!

Hmm, we’ll make this a “save your friend” day!
Do you have a friend who knows they should work out and get into shape but don’t really have the motivation to do so?  Have you ever told them they might be a future snack for dozens of zombies?? If not, get them hooked on ZombieFit!  Grab them and watch a zombie movie today, then tell them about parkour and ZombieFit! Boom! You got yourself a new training partner hehe.

Well anyways, where ever you are – enjoy your Friday!