“Agriculture is fatally at odds with our biological inheritance.”

by on Jun.09, 2010, under Misc.

Interesting article from the The Independent where human geneticist and all-around bad ass Spencer Wells talks about what the Genographic Project and “why agriculture is fatally at odds with our biological inheritance”.

Interesting quote:

“The shift from a hunter-gathering lifestyle to an agricultural way of life, he believes, has not just led to many of the environmental problems
we face today, it has caused some of dire medical disorders, from infectious diseases and obesity to the mental illnesses that are rampant in modern, urban living. “Since we settled down, population density increased massively. We became sedentary and the foods we ate changed enormously from the days we were hunter-gatherers,” he explains. “We were once used to living in groups of no more than about 150 individuals. Now we live in cities of millions and the cultural cacophony creates a feeling of unease and we are seeing evidence of that with the rise of mental illness.””

Just goes to demonstrate, again, that the obesity epidemic is not a result of fat intake, but a systemic response to increased caloric availability and complex carbohydrates.