Your Parkour

by on Jun.16, 2010, under Fitness

Everyone trains parkour for their own reasons.  Some people train because it is a great way to exercise, others train because it releases excess energy, and we all know the ones that train just to look cool. In my experience, people mainly train parkour for the amazing sense of accomplishment in learning new moves and gaining a sense of control over their body. Knowing how your body moves and being able to express that is the ultimate taste of freedom. It is so raw and so personal that people literally become addicted to parkour. This sense of accomplishment is what drives us to continue our practice and to better ourselves in our training.

After the first moment you feel this freedom, you’ll start to analyze the obstacles and environments around you. Whether walking, driving or peering out of a window of a building, you’ll notice yourself thinking like a traceur. We see obstacles as play things, as problems with an infinite amount of solutions. As we begin to see these obstacles as a challenge to overcome, our life develops meaning and we feel empowered when we start to understand that the only obstacle is yourself. Whether it is mental or physical strength, only you can hold yourself back.

Once you attain the knowledge that fear is all that stands between you and overcoming something (a situation, a wall, anything) that presents itself in your life as an incredibly beneficial power. You know you can jump, climb, run and vault over what stands in your way (both figuratively and literally).

Overcoming physical obstacles for traceurs becomes simpler as training progresses. When we start to look at ourselves as traceurs, we begin to realize that the obstacles we can’t touch in our lives become the most difficult ones to handle. This is where our parkour training shows its true benefit. We can transfer our confidence and strength of mind in managing fear, and use it to conquer life situations.

Whether it be confusion of where life is taking you, a fight with a significant other, or problems with work, parkour teaches you that you have control over everything in your life. Only you can take that first step, whether it is taking the first step of a 9-foot cat leap or asking your boss for a promotion. Parkour teaches us more than just physical movement, it teaches us how to better ourselves in every aspect of our lives. This is your parkour.