WOD: 10/03/10

by on Oct.04, 2010, under WOD

Warm Up: run 1/4 mile OR row 250m OR bike 2 miles.

3 rounds of: 25m quadrupedal movement, 10 push ups, 10 pull ups/jumping pull ups, and 10 isuckatthis**

**perform a movement that you suck at. If it is already in the warm up, then perform 15 repetitions of that movement instead of 10. For instance, if I suck at sit ups, and there are sit ups in the warm up, I’ll do 3 rounds of 15 instead of 3 rounds of ten. If I suck at handstand push ups, I’ll perform 3 rounds of 10 handstand push ups (or their progression) and add that to the warm up.

WOD 236

21-15-9 repetitions for time of 5 foot precisions and jumping pull ups.

21-15-9 repetitions for time of 6 foot precisions and pull ups (kipping or dead hang)

21-15-9 repetitions for time of 6 foot precisions, double unders and pull ups (kipping or dead hang)

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For these precisions, make sure that you are concentrating on form. This is a metabolic conditioning workout, but don’t let your precision form and technique go to crap. Get full extension on your jump, pick up your knees, spot your landing and land quietly on the balls of your feet. ABSORB the impact.