Chaos & Pain Blogspot and Jason Statham

by on Nov.24, 2010, under Fitness

So I have to give props to a blogger who recently decided to link to us on his blogroll and we’ve been receiving massive hits from his site. Jamie Lewis writes a blog called Chaos & Pain. It primarily concerns hypertrophic strength-training, but reads like a punch in the mouth by a guy with a doctorate in kick ass and biology. If f-bombs and pictures of scantily clad ladies aren’t your thing, then you should probably not check out his blog. But if you are looking for an informative view on strength-training in a no-holds barred, I’m going to rip your face off while deadlifting a house and stealing your girlfriend kind of way, I highly suggest you check him out.

Case in point is his recent post regarding Jason Statham. Mr. Lewis was kind enough to post a couple of Statham’s workouts that he had corralled from the interweb. Take a look at them, they might seem kind of familiar to you.

Second case in point is his post: Innovate or Stagnate, The Choice is Yours, Part 3.