12/15/10: Rest Day & Running

by on Dec.15, 2010, under Rest day

Today is a Rest Day!


#1 downfall in proper running technique? Can you guess? Its not stride-length or arm position. Its running shoes. Running shoes provide padding and comfort to a runners foot, but this results in a degradation of running technique. Humans were not meant to run heel-toe. This can be proven by the evolutionary placement of the calcaneus (the largest bone in the foot) in the heel. Prior to synthetic rubber and think leather soled shoes, humans ran on their fore-foot. Have you ever ran barefoot? Notice how you instinctively do not run on your heels? Recent studies have demonstrated that this method of running is not only more efficient, but also helps to decrease the likelihood of knee and ankle injuries.

Here are some interesting links:

Pose Running Study

Barefoot Running: Harvard Study

Now, I am not advocating barefoot running per se, as that requires a significant amount of conditioning of the foot prior to running any distance. What I am advocating is to start running on your forefoot. Parkour runs the risk of many injuries, many of which relate to the knees and ankles. By running on the forefoot, not only will you increase the speed of your take-off, but will also hopefully decrease some of the wear and tear on your lower appendages.