Rest Day: 01/27/11

by on Jan.27, 2011, under WOD

Rest Day!

Sometimes you may not feel like performing a ZombieFIt WOD, so here are a list of other websites with good WODs:

Crossfit – functional fitness and metabolic conditioning website with emphasis on Olympic lifts, gymnastics and bodyweight movements.

Gymnastics WOD – the name speaks for itself.

Mobility WOD – learn to get the most from your body by increasing flexibility and muscle elasticity.

Travel Wods by Carolina CrossFit – most ZombieFit WODs can be done with no equipment, but if you’re traveling and looking to change it up a bit, check this page out.

The WOD Shop – Functional fitness is about virtuosity and being able to acclimate yourself to different stresses on the fly. No better website prepares you for this than The WOD Shop. Pick a poison and get ready for a beat down.