ZombieFit Rapture WOD: 05/21/11

by on May.21, 2011, under WOD

Well, hopefully most of you have been raptured and won’t have read this, but for the rest of us we only have a limited amount of time before the 4 Horseman come to kick some ass and ruin humanity. In that respect, I’ve come up with a Rapture WOD to help us prepare for the coming End of Days.

Warm Up: run 1/4 mile OR row 250m OR bike 1/2 miles.

3 rounds of 10: 10 air squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 pull ups (you may sub jumping pull ups for regular pull ups).

WOD 399 (Rapture WOD)
5 rounds for time of:

25 jumping jacks
25 air squats
25 push ups
25m quadrupedal movement

25 pull ups
25 air squats
25 push ups
50m quadrupedal movement

25 pull up-burpees
25 air squats
25 handstand push ups
100m quadrupedal movement

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