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Parkour WOD 1

What are we training?: Balance.

One of the easiest things to train, but one of the hardest things to master is balance. If you ever watch parkour videos you’ll see traceurs walking on rails and ledges, usually with some empty space on either side of them. They make it look ridiculously easy. It’s not.

How can you practice it?:

One of the simplest ways to practice balance is to just walk in a straight line. You can walk along a curb (watch out for cars! Remember rule #1 of parkour: Don’t be stupid!), along a crack in a sidewalk or even on an imaginary line. Another easy exercise is to stand with your feet in front of one another (back foot’s toes touching your front foot’s heel) for minutes at a time. This can be made more difficult by lowering your body till your butt touches your heels. Whenever you are outside take the opportunity to work on your balance. The world is your gym, use it safely and extensively. DON’T try to balance on an overpass railing. DO walk on parking blocks in an empty parking lot. DON’T attempt a wet, metal rail as your first exposure to balance training. DO have a fantastic safety roll before you ever try balancing on anything at your height or taller.

Why is this important?

Body control. Parkour is all about how you can use your body to move through space. Having a greater awareness of your body and the ability to stabilize it in different situations is key. By training balance you will increase the effectiveness of your body in making minute corrections. You’ll understand how important this is the first time you perform a kong-to-precision.

The WOD:

Warm Up:

3 rounds of 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and 10 air squats


Stand on the ground in your bare feet (or with flat-soled shoes) with your feet side by side. Start with your left leg and raise your knee to your waist.

Do this on a four-count, i.e. it should take four beats to raise your knee till it is perpendicular to your waist. Hold for 4 beats then lower your knee till your foot is on the ground. This should also take 4 beats. Now repeat this with the right leg.

Do this 5 times with each leg then rest for 2 minutes.

Now, do the exact same exercise, but hold the leg perpendicular to your waist for 8 beats. You will notice your foot making minute adjustments as you attempt to balance, don’t resist this. A tip is to tighten your core (squeeze your abs) and pull up, as if there was a string attached to the center of your body and being pulled up to the sky.

If you are comfortable with this, feel free to perform the avancee level parkour WOD as well. If you cannot stay on a single leg for the majority of these repetitions then repeat the exercise.


After the warm-up do the etudiant this link. Start with the first and proceed slowly through each pose. Spend 15 seconds on each pose. Repeat 3 times. Make sure to alternate poses with both legs!


After the warm-up do the etudiant WOD.

Perform the yoga poses listed on this link. Start with the first and proceed slowly through each pose. Spend 25 seconds on each pose. Repeat 5 times. Make sure to alternate poses with both legs!


All levels:

Using a stop watch you are to time how long you can go without falling from the position described in the etudiant. Start with your left knee raised. Do not start the clock until the knee is perpendicular to your waist. You have 30 seconds of keeping your balance. Keep track of every time your foot touches the ground (no matter how quickly or how lightly!). After 30 seconds is completed, do the exact same thing with the other foot.

Whenever your foot touched the ground you owe me 2 burpees. Do this for a total of 6 sets (one set is both legs). Keep track of how many burpees you did.

After all balance sets add extra burpees according to the below chart:

0-10 burpees = perform an extra 30 burpees
10-20 burpees = perform an extra 20 burpees
20-30 burpees = perform an exxtra 10 burpees


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