ZombieFit WOD interruption and WOD: 09/24/12

by on Sep.24, 2012, under WOD

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. I was recently on vacation and half-way through found out that ZombieFit had been hacked. I was unable to log-in or post anything until just a couple of minutes ago. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! As some of you may know, this is the 3rd time that someone has messed with my site and I have contacted our service providers about putting in place some safety applications to ensure this does not happen again. I may have to perform a complete site re-design to a different ISP and/or site template. So please be patient with any forthcoming changes.

Now for the WOD:

Warm Up: run 1/4 mile OR row 250m OR bike 1/2 miles.

3 rounds of: 25m quadrupedal movement, 10 push ups, 10 pull ups/jumping pull ups, and 10 isuckatthis**

**perform a movement that you suck at. If it is already in the warm up, then perform 15 repetitions of that movement instead of 10. For instance, if I suck at sit ups, and there are sit ups in the warm up, I’ll do 3 rounds of 15 instead of 3 rounds of ten. If I suck at handstand push ups, I’ll perform 3 rounds of 10 handstand push ups (or their progression) and add that to the warm up.

WOD 712
Perform the following for time:

3 rounds of:

10 jumping pull ups
10 sit ups
10 air squats

3 rounds of:

15 pull ups
25 sit ups
25 air squats

5 rounds of:

25 pull ups
25 sit ups
25 air squats