Parkour WOD: 06/30/13

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Parkour WOD

What are we training?: Safety Rolls!

The safety roll or “parkour” roll is another essential skill that must be mastered prior to performance of any intermediate or advanced parkour movement. You should practice this rolls so that the movement is natural and instinctive. You will never know when you will need to roll out of a failed vault or precision and often you will not have time to think about rolling. This is the most important parkour movement you will learn.

How can you practice it?:

You can watch this video for a simple progression into teaching yourself to roll. Some keys to remember:

Practice on a soft surface when first starting to learn the movement.

If at ANY time the movement hurts anywhere you are doing it wrong.

Do not rush this movement, take your time and learn the skill. The parkour roll can and will (if you train long enough) save you from severe injury.

Why is this important?

Again, safety. When performing movements at full-speed or from any height you may find yourself heading towards the ground quickly and without having enough time or ability to absorb your landing appropriately. At that point you will do a roll and essentially take your momentum forward instead of into the ground, thereby distributing the force of the landing/bail across your entire body; instead of just on your legs.

We also can use the same physics to demonstrate the utility of a parkour safety roll as we did in the last Parkour WOD. By performing the roll you essentially increase the time of the landing while decreasing your change in velocity, thereby reducing the total acceleration of the fall/bail. As with the parkour landings, this decrease in acceleration lessens the total force of the fall/landing and results in less stress on your body.

The WOD:

Warm Up:

3 rounds of 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and parkour squats


Roll Progression in the above video. Practice the movement until you are able to roll without pain and smoothly from your feet. Once you have achieved this expertise perform an additional 50 rolls.


50 safety rolls from the ground level.

25 safety rolls from a slight fall (2-4 feet in height). Make sure you jump from your take-off point and get some extra height. You will do the exact same thing as in the last Parkour WOD except at your landing you will go into your parkour roll rather than absorbing the impact with your legs. Practice the progression and take your momentum parallel to the ground instead of perpendicular.

25 safety rolls from the end of a vault (kong, speed, dash).


Same as avancee, however you should be performing the first set of 25 rolls out of a drop of at least your shoulder height. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS MOVEMENT.

The second set of 25 should also be at the end of a vault, however you should attempt the roll with another movement after it, e.g. kong-roll-speed.

Note: These WODs are NOT for time. Learn the movement to the best of your ability.

On the minute, for 5 minutes, sprint 100m.

On the minute, for 7 minutes, sprint 100m.

On the minute, for 10 minutes, sprint 100m.

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