Membership Rates

Membership Rates

Here at ZombieFit we realize that fitness is a long-term goal and requires dedication and perseverance. In order to help facilitate your fitness goals, we offer a unique set of membership packages that will save you money while giving you access to everything ZombieFit has to offer. Membership rates are as follows:

Weekly Pass – $45.
This pass allows you to attend any and all ZombieFit classes (Class, Camp and Conditioning) in a 7 day period. This is perfect for out-of-town visitors or someone who wants to give ZombieFit a try prior to committing themselves to a longer membership period.

ZombieFit Camp – $15.
This is a thrice-weekly morning cardio and strength training sessions that uses basic parkour movements (jumping, vaulting and climbing) and body-weight exercises to get you ready for your daily Apocalypse.

ZombieFit Classes – $20
This is our premier class that teaches environmental awareness, basic parkour movements and functional fitness. This can be contrasted with the ZombieFit Camp as the Camp concentrates on conditioning, whereas the ZombieFit Class has a much more in-depth instructional component. You’ll learn how to vault, precision jump, cat-leap and wall-climb all while engaging yourself in full-body conditioning and body-weight strength training.

Unlimited Monthly Pass – $125.
This is our best deal as it provides the absolute best-value per cost. If you purchase this membership option, you can attend ANY ZombieFit class for the entire calendar month in which you purchased your membership.

All membership plans should be purchased at the first class you wish to attend during that membership period. Payment may be cash or with any major Credit/Debit card.

Fine Print:
Monthly passes may be purchased at any time, and may be purchased up to a year in advance. ZombieFit will never require a contract for you to attend our classes. You may cancel your membership at any time, however there will be no refunds for any monthly memberships cancelled after the 7th day of the month. Monthly memberships cancelled before 7th day of the month will be refunded minus any monies owed for classes attended (classes will be charged on a per-class basis at the regular class cost).

All LEO, Emergency Personnel and Military receive 25% discounts on ALL membership plans and a la carte class fee’s.