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Rest Day and Great News for Low-Carb Diets

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Misc.

Today is a Rest Day!

Also, and kind-of more importantly (what could be more important than rest?) here is an article from Yahoo News that details the results of a large study regarding the effects of low-carb dieting and how it compares to low-fat dieting.

As you can see, it demonstrates that low-carb dieting, while inducing the same amount of fat loss over a 2 year period results in a DOUBLING (yes that is not a typo) of your good cholesterol (HDL). This is huge. . .why you ask? Because the higher your HDL, the higher your LDL can be. According to the American Heart Society,

“HDL cholesterol is known as “good” cholesterol, because high levels of HDL seem to protect against heart attack. Low levels of HDL (less than 40 mg/dL) also increase the risk of heart disease. Medical experts think that HDL tends to carry cholesterol away from the arteries and back to the liver, where it’s passed from the body. Some experts believe that HDL removes excess cholesterol from arterial plaque, slowing its buildup.”

In the study, they found that being on a low-carb diet effected cholesterol in some cases better than cholesterol medication!

As many of you know, we here at ZombieFit advocate the Paleo Diet. Not only because it can help you to turn into a lean-zombie fighting machine, but also because it is healthy. There has been entirely too much of social distortion regarding fat and eating meat. . .it IS healthy, and this study effectively proves it. Not only does the Paleo Diet effectively regulate your body’s insulin response, but it also can increase your levels of HDL twice as much as a low-fat diet. Seems like a win/win to me.

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