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Paleo Update Day 15

by on Oct.25, 2010, under Misc.

So I am down to 180.5. I’ve been pretty good, although I did have a cheat meal on Tuesday of last week. Yes, it was delicious, and yes it managed to derail the weight-loss a little bit.

I may have plateaued with the quick weight loss and it may be down to good all fashioned thermodynamics (calorie in, calorie out). I’m still pretty content with 7.5lbs lost in 15 days. I’m approximately 15lbs from my goal weight. I’ve noticed a decreasing waistline and people have spontaneously started to notice that I am losing weight.

Another thing I have noticed is that I am more comfortable going paleo this time around. The first time I went paleo it was with an almost manic obsession. I am much more relaxed now. I do not engage in super-guilt whenever I cheat a little (its Halloween and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my kryptonite) and I keep the cheating very minimal. I know that Mark Sisson advocates a 80%/20% approach in his primal diet (80% strict paleo-primal, 20% cheat) after an initial induction phase, and I would say that I am at about a 90%/10%. I am giving myself 1 to 2 cheat meals a week, and one night of drinking per week. Frankly, both of which I need to keep sane.

I feel that this time I will be able to stick with the diet change longer, if not permanently. And that is one of the most important aspects about paleo-eating. It isn’t a fad, it should be a lifestyle. If you occasionally go off the reservation its okay.

Paleo Pro-Tip: Cook with coconut oil. I just picked up my first jar of this delicious oily goodness at Whole Foods, and holy crap does it make food delicious.

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Rest Day & Thoughts on Diet

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Misc.

Today is a rest day, so if you missed a WOD look back in our archives and pick something challenging.

Some thoughts on Diet. As a lot of you know, I am currently recovering from ACL surgery in June. I’m doing well, but the down-time (and plain old laziness) caused me to gain about 15 lbs. Because of that I’m cleaning up my diet and turning up the intensity on my workouts (I can actually do some decent met cons now). I’ve been eating a modified Paleo Diet for the past couple of months, and by modified, I mean all the grains and carbs I could stomach. As a direct result of this I weighed in at 188 on Monday (which is when I started the diet).

Starting to eat right again has come at an interesting time as I recently just had a battery of blood tests done for a yearly physical. My goal is to stay strict Paleo with at most one or two cheat meals a week (I need my Guinness on the weekends) for at least 30 days before going back to the doc and getting another blood panel performed. I will then post any change in results on this site.

I will be trying to blog my experiences here, but I may get too caught up in work and/or ZombieFit so don’t hate me if the updates are front-heavy. Of course, if anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

Some interesting nutrition links:

Benefits of Fish Oil by Mark Sisson

Is Saturated Fat Bad by Mark Sisson

One of the best things about Paleo style diets is how they make intermittent fasting simple and easy. “Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting may “turn on” certain genes that repair specific tissues that would not otherwise be repaired in times of surplus.”

Because you are taking refined carbs out of your diet and regulating your insulin response there is no rapid drop in blood sugar that creates hunger. As Robb Wolf said:

How much of the difficulty people face on either caloric restriction or intermittent fasting is due to the relatively high amounts of refined carbohydrate and the consequent effects this may have on insulin signaling. In Good Calories, Bad Calories Taubes mentions a study in which the individuals were feed up to 10,000kcals per day, far beyond their caloric needs, yet they remained ravenously hungry. Taubes mentions other studies in which individuals are maintained on low carb, calorie restricted diets with virtually no hunger.

So, my goals for this change in diet is going to be the following:

1. Eliminate all refined carbs and sugar.
2. Increase fish oil intake.
3. Begin intermittent fasting.

Day 3 of Paleo

So I’m on day three and I feel pretty good. I lost 2.5lbs already, but that is water weight. (1 gram of carbohydrate can hold up to 4 grams of water, so when starting a low-carb diet you can see a massive loss of weight in the first couple of weeks). I’m expecting a little bit of a down period in the next couple of days as my body switches into ketosis.

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“Agriculture is fatally at odds with our biological inheritance.”

by on Jun.09, 2010, under Misc.

Interesting article from the The Independent where human geneticist and all-around bad ass Spencer Wells talks about what the Genographic Project and “why agriculture is fatally at odds with our biological inheritance”.

Interesting quote:

“The shift from a hunter-gathering lifestyle to an agricultural way of life, he believes, has not just led to many of the environmental problems
we face today, it has caused some of dire medical disorders, from infectious diseases and obesity to the mental illnesses that are rampant in modern, urban living. “Since we settled down, population density increased massively. We became sedentary and the foods we ate changed enormously from the days we were hunter-gatherers,” he explains. “We were once used to living in groups of no more than about 150 individuals. Now we live in cities of millions and the cultural cacophony creates a feeling of unease and we are seeing evidence of that with the rise of mental illness.””

Just goes to demonstrate, again, that the obesity epidemic is not a result of fat intake, but a systemic response to increased caloric availability and complex carbohydrates.

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Rest Day and Thoughts on Diet, Zombies

by on May.27, 2010, under Rest day

Today is a rest day everyone. If you missed a day in the past cycle, feel free to make up with one of the workouts in our archive.

The majority of media attention that we have received lately has been focused on the fact that we have “Zombie” in the first part of our name and that we’re training for a hypothetical “apocalypse”. I was thinking last night about what I could write for today, and I wanted to discuss the Paleo Diet. (Some of you may remember this post.) Due to the recent barrage of interviews constantly asking about my opinions on Zombies, I’m seeing zombies everywhere. This led me to thinking about Zombies and the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet makes sense. Not only is it based upon the Darwinian Evolution of the human race, but it also is easy and simple to maintain. You can eat as much protein, non-starchy vegetables, nuts and fruits as you like (feel free to keep the fruit and nut intake low if particularly concerned about weight-loss) with no need to count calories or otherwise obsess over food. Stay away from refined sugar, processed foods and grains.

Some people need motivation to change their diet. Others just do it as a matter of course. If you’re one of those people that came to this site REALLY wanting to prepare for the zombie apocalypse by becoming fit, then I think you should supplement your preparations with the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet brings us back to a time when humans were hunter/gatherers. There were no processed or manufactured foods back then, and it wasn’t profitable to be in an agrarian society simply because you had to follow your food and there were no domesticated plants available for farming.

In a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, all manufacturing and processing plants will be destroyed or inoperable. It is likely that the world will be without electricity, and what type of idiot starts raising crops with hordes of undead walking everywhere? The remaining human race would have to switch back to a hunter/gatherer lifestyle in order to survive. So, you can get a head-start. Start the Paleo Diet. You’ll find yourself with more energy, losing fat by the pound, and be comfortable in the knowledge that if the zombies do ever come, you’ll already be acclimated to living like a caveman.

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Day 4 of the Paleo diet.

by on Feb.03, 2010, under Fitness

So I’m on day 4. I’ve gone completely cold turkey on all refined carbs, caffeine and sugar. Things I’ve noticed:

1. Improved alertness throughout the entire day.
2. Noticeable increase in sensitivity to my insulin response. (blood sugar levels)
3. My cravings for refined carbs are starting to subside, although I want a cup of coffee like a mo’fo at the moment.
4. Still having problems getting the proper ratio of vegetables in my diet, and will be concentrating on eating fruits with very low glycemic loads (nectarines, strawberries and grapefruit) so as to off-set my reliance on those type of carbohydrates.
5. Have only worked out once since I started the diet (on Monday) with no averse effects. Will be doing yoga today at lunch, so we’ll see how I feel afterward.
6. Food seems to taste better, although I’m not sure if that is from purchasing organic food. . . .
7. There is definitely something going on with my body. Most of the websites/articles I’ve read consider this the body cleansing itself. I’m not sure if I’m reacting adversely or complimentary to the diet, I just know I’m reacting.

Anyways, I’ll keep y’all posted as I continue this lifestyle change. If anyone has any questions, comments, or whatever, hit me up through the comment section.

And for some awesome info on the paleo lifestyle please read:





**update – just got back from yoga. It went well, although I was famished directly thereafter. Also, I weighed myself, and I have lost 5lbs.

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