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Rest day: 12/29/09

by on Dec.28, 2009, under Rest day

Rest day!

On a slightly more serious note, there has been a lot of recent discussion in the parkour community regarding the role of mentors and instructors of parkour. There have been several vocal and eloquent advocates for both sides (that there should be minimal instruction for parkour novices so as to allow them to find their own way vs. in-depth instruction for those who want it as it allows for safer and better prepared progression). I’ve been trying for a couple of weeks now to actually put my feelings on the topic into words, and have either been too busy or too lazy to do so. Today, as I was checking out American Parkour, I read a post by M2 (Mark Toorock, the founder of APK and the owner of Primal Fitness) that completely describes how I feel about the subject. He writes:

“I personally feel the a similar progression applies to parkour and freerunning. A new practitioner benefits from guidance. Yes, it is entirely possible for one to go outside and start going over obstacles, and they will learn and improve. However, there are also basic building blocks that will help someone to learn more safe, effective techniques in less time, and get them to a point of greater proficiency faster if they are taught those methods. This does not negate or change that parkour is moving through your environment in the most effective way for your body, your mind and that freerunning is about exploring your space and your creativity and your movement. What it does is suggest a learning path that builds on the experience of people who have done something before.”

Please check out the rest of this well-written article here.

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