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Parkour WOD: 09/27/12 (precision jumps)

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Parkour WOD 13

What are we training?: Precision Jumps

A precision jump is basically a broad jump where you are forcing yourself to land in a “precise” location. This is one of the most basic parkour movements and one that you will use constantly. It is the beginning progression into cranes and cat-leaps, as well as a movement that can result in significant hypertrophy of your lower body. A precision is almost identical to the Parkour Landing, except you are picking one spot and attempting to land on it.

How can you practice it?:

Simply pick a spot somewhere and jump to it. You do not have to jump to or from an elevated position; there is no need to precision something over a significant drop. You can just pick a spot 5 to 6 feet in front of you and try to land on it. When I first started training parkour I would pick cracks in concrete blocks. This may sound simplistic, but it can be quite hard to come down on the exact spot without falling forward or backwards.

The key to precisioning is to take your jump UP. You’ll want make your body into as close to a parabolic arc as possible in order to land the precision. Remember what we said in the parkour landings about pulling up your knees in front of you? Well, when you do that it is forcing your body to go up and not forward. The harder and faster you jump in a horizontal direction (i.e. if you were trying to hit a precision at close to your max jumping distance) the more difficult it will be to stick the landing. So, take your body up and try to land on your precisioning point in more of a vertical position than horizontal. Your body and the force generated by the jump should be going into the ground, not forward.

At that point it is simply a parkour landing, which you should have practiced in a prior Parkour WOD. If you have not practiced a parkour landing before, read that page and perform that WOD before moving onto precisions.

Why is this important?

Progression. The precision is a basic parkour movement that will make you stronger is the basis for what I’ll call the PCC Progression. Say you want to get from point A to point B, with point A being a standing block and point B being a wall about 7 feet away. If your goal is to get to the top of the wall, the most efficient movement is a precision. Let’s say that you cannot precision that distance, or want to attempt it but do not want to fall and break your skull. The next most efficient way to get to point B is a “crane“. This movement, while requiring substantial leg strength, reduces the length of the total movement by virtue of leaving the back foot down to trap against the wall. Now, let’s say that you can’t crane or precision to point B, you can then do a cat-leap which allows you to reduce the distance of the jump even further by bringing your hands into the equation.

As you can see, the movements follow a simple progression, however they can also be used as fail safes. If you feel the need to bail out of a precision you can go into a crane, and if find the distance to great to precision or crane, you can bail into a cat-leap. This parkour stuff is pretty neat. rce of the fall/landing and results in less stress on your body.

The WOD:

Warm Up:

3 rounds of 10 push ups, 10 sit ups and parkour squats

All levels:

Precision Ladder

If you do not feel comfortable with the movement or want extra practice then perform this on flat and even ground. If you want to get more advanced with the movement then attempt to precision to a curb, box or other object. Remember, when precisioning anywhere ALWAYS make sure your destination is stable and safe. Don’t jump on something that can’t hold your weight.

Note: These WODs are NOT for time. Learn the movement to the best of your ability. The precision does not count if you did not stick your landing!


As quickly as possible (while still sticking your landing!), perform the following:

5 rounds of:

50m sprint
5 push ups
5 precision jumps

5 rounds of:

100m sprint
10 push ups
10 precision jumps

5 rounds of:

100m sprint
25 push ups
15 precision jumps

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