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Rest Day: 10/05/10

by on Oct.05, 2010, under Rest day

Today is a Rest Day. Also, check out these links:

How Parkour Works – Great article on the history of parkour.

A great take on supplements by the coaches of Whole9. I highly recommend checking out there blog for articles on fitness, nutrition and just all around awesomeness.

Another article by Dallas of Whole9 regarding technique in movements at high-intensity. This article mainly concerns movements done with weight, but is just as applicable to parkour-based functional movements. Even though you’re not squatting under 300lbs, parkour is very high impact. Just as we stress during class, if you are taking a large drop, or hitting the ground fast after a long kong, you must use proper technique.

Parkour is progressive. Do not move up in ability before you have perfected your form. If you can’t land safely from a 3 foot drop without tracking your knees over your toes and absorbing your downward momentum PERFECTLY, you shouldn’t be doing anything outside except practicing that landing. As Coach Dallas says:

Performing exercises properly and paying attention to the subtleties of the movement will determine whether my client sees an increase in physical capacity, or is plagued by injury (now, or in the future) as the result of the reinforcement of incorrect and unsafe motor patterns.

If you practice wrong, you will play wrong. Master the technique of the basic movements, jumping, running, squatting, rolling and landing before you start doing kong to precisions, kong to cats, precisions over gaps, etc. Yes, parkour looks awesome, and everyone wants to update their facebook with a cool picture/video, but if you can’t perfect the basics, you’re just signing yourself up for eventual injury.

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