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What is Parkour?

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Misc.

Parkour is. . .

. . .the myth of movement. It is the gentle, liquid flow around seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Parkour is me coming face to face with fear and smiling. It is the knowledge that progression creates confidence which becomes daring. Parkour is strength of self. It is the breakdown of a DnB baseline. It’s my happy blood smeared on concrete. It is exultation.

**This is the first installment of ZombieFit’s “What is Parkour?” feature written by me. Every Sunday (until I run out of submissions) I will post someone’s description of what parkour “is.” You will hear from the members of ZombieFit, as well as members of the Chicago Parkour Community. Some of these may be funny, some may be incredibly personal.

The purpose of this is to demonstrate that parkour is not just a method of fitness or something crazy teenagers do. For a lot of people it is an activity that goes beyond the physical aspects, and creates a paradigm shift in their way of thinking. Parkour truely is a way of life, and it should be postively portrayed as such. It is one of the goals of ZombieFit to increase knowledge of parkour in the Chicagoland community, and I think this feature will help to do that.

If you would like to submit a “Parkour is. . .” write up, please email it to me here.

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