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First Rule of ZombieFit

by on Jun.12, 2010, under Fitness

One of the the things we hear all the time is the quote from Zombieland: “First rule of Zombieland: Cardio.” After reading someone post this on our Facebook page, I started thinking about the first rule of ZombieFit.

First Rule of ZombieFit: Perform functional movements at high intensity.

Cardio is great, but by training JUST for cardiovascular endurance you are ignoring the benefits of anaerobic strength and the fitness aspects of having an increased anaerobic capacity. ZombieFit aims to increase your cardiovascular endurance, your functional strength and your anaerobic capacity via the performance of functional movements at high intensity.

First, you need to know what anaerobic capacity is. “Anaerobic” means “without air” or “without oxygen.” Anaerobic exercise is a short lasting, high intensity activity where the demand for oxygen from the exercise exceeds the oxygen supply. Anaerobic exercise relies on energy sources that are stored in the muscles and, unlike aerobic exercise, is not dependent on oxygen from (breathing) the air. In other words, anaerobic capacity is the amount of power available to a person when their oxygen system is depleted.

Without going into the various energy systems in the human body (we’ll save that for later, promise), it is possible to recognize when you’re using anaerobic power. Think of running a cross-country race (or any other long distance). If you were to sprint at the end of that race while your oxygen system was depleted, you would be using your anaerobic power.

This is important to those who practice parkour (and also in hundreds of other situations) as there may be a time when your oxygen system is depleted and you need additional power to jump a gap, climb a wall or perform a difficult vault (or run away from zombies). Having that reserve of anaerobic power will be essential to completing that movement.

Cardiovascular endurance is necessary to your overall fitness, but too many people believe it is the ONLY form of fitness.

Now you know better.

**Also, today is a Rest Day! We have started to upload parkour tutorial videos to our Tutorials page, and will be uploading further videos in the very near future.

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Rest Day and Thoughts on Diet, Zombies

by on May.27, 2010, under Rest day

Today is a rest day everyone. If you missed a day in the past cycle, feel free to make up with one of the workouts in our archive.

The majority of media attention that we have received lately has been focused on the fact that we have “Zombie” in the first part of our name and that we’re training for a hypothetical “apocalypse”. I was thinking last night about what I could write for today, and I wanted to discuss the Paleo Diet. (Some of you may remember this post.) Due to the recent barrage of interviews constantly asking about my opinions on Zombies, I’m seeing zombies everywhere. This led me to thinking about Zombies and the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet makes sense. Not only is it based upon the Darwinian Evolution of the human race, but it also is easy and simple to maintain. You can eat as much protein, non-starchy vegetables, nuts and fruits as you like (feel free to keep the fruit and nut intake low if particularly concerned about weight-loss) with no need to count calories or otherwise obsess over food. Stay away from refined sugar, processed foods and grains.

Some people need motivation to change their diet. Others just do it as a matter of course. If you’re one of those people that came to this site REALLY wanting to prepare for the zombie apocalypse by becoming fit, then I think you should supplement your preparations with the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet brings us back to a time when humans were hunter/gatherers. There were no processed or manufactured foods back then, and it wasn’t profitable to be in an agrarian society simply because you had to follow your food and there were no domesticated plants available for farming.

In a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, all manufacturing and processing plants will be destroyed or inoperable. It is likely that the world will be without electricity, and what type of idiot starts raising crops with hordes of undead walking everywhere? The remaining human race would have to switch back to a hunter/gatherer lifestyle in order to survive. So, you can get a head-start. Start the Paleo Diet. You’ll find yourself with more energy, losing fat by the pound, and be comfortable in the knowledge that if the zombies do ever come, you’ll already be acclimated to living like a caveman.

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