Precision Ladder Warm-Up

For this warm up, I want you to draw an imaginary line on the ground. This is your take-off point. Then pick a spot approximately .5 feet away from your take-off point and jump to it. Once you have landed, stand up and count to 2. That is one rep. After you have completed three reps at the distance of .5 feet away from your take-off point, move the imaginary spot another half a foot. Repeat the drill three times. If you can’t stick the landing and count to 2, then the rep does not count. Before moving on, you must get three complete reps. The goal is to move the imaginary landing spot .5 feet every three reps. Do this until you have reached 75% of your max broad jump. Once you have reached that point, then reverse the drill. Start moving the imaginary spot back .5 foot every three reps until you’re .5 feet from your take-off point. This is a skill work warm-up. Take the time to concentrate on the movement. You’ll know when you’re doing it right as you feel almost no stress on your knees and ankles. Listen to your body, if you feel something hurt, you’re probably jumping wrong.