ZombieFit Parkour Squats

This exercise is similar to a jumping air squat, except that this movement is mimicking the landing technique of a traceur. Start in a normal squat position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart with the toes pointed slightly outward. You will perform a normal squat (bend at the knees while maintaining the spinal s-curve and track the knees over the top of your feet) and then explode upwards. Where this movement differs is that instead of extending your legs at the height of your jump, you’re knees are to follow you up during your jump. Think of a tuck jump. At the height of your jump, extend your legs downwards. Land on the balls of your feet and absorb the impact by going into a squat. If you’re comfortable with the movement, and an exercise requires multiple parkour squats you may string consecutive squats together without resting or standing up.

The purpose of this is to train the body to absorb the impact when landing. Regardless of the height of the drop, a traceur should always bring his legs up closer to his body at the height of his jump. This allows him or her more time to see and control his or her landing. Further, it allows the traceur more time for extension of the legs during the last part of the landing. Be extending the legs, you’re increasing the distance the body can travel downwards and can thereby absorb the impact better.