ZombieFit in Print

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Lose Weight Fast by Fleeing Zombies

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A write up featuring ZombieFit by the student newspaper of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Special thanks to Stephen Murphey for this very complimentary blog post.

Featured in this post on Ex-Boyfriend’s Blog. Check out his site as he has some gnarly t-shirts for sale.

Zombie Zone News: ZombieFit – Hell Yes!. This is actually a piece that was written for the Columbia College Chronicle.

Featured in Andy Sernovitz’s, “Damn! I wish I’d Thought of That!” Newsletter #767, The “Help People, Help Business” Issue.

Check out ZombieFit as featured on Time Out Chicago. You can find the article here. Much thanks to Christina Couch and Ely Phillips for the awesome write-up and fantastic pictures!!

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